Double Conference Day #2…My biggest regret

It’s 7am and I can’t wait to get back over to Newspring Church today and finish the Double Conference! IMG_1967

Like I said yesterday, my first day’s experience was incredible. In the words of Jimmy Fallon, it was…#sogood!

I was going to list out a ton of first day sound bites and quotes, but honestly, there is a better source for that.

Just check out Brian Dodd’s blog. It’s full of all the amazingness of of Day # 1!

Ok, with all the positive. The learning. The inspiration. The passion for Jesus and His Church. The Bible teaching. The worship. The practical help.

I do have a regret. And, it’s a HUGE regret!

My biggest regret is not filling a charter bus of Thrivers and having them experience this! 

That would have been an incredible investment in their lives, in our church and in the kingdom.

My hope is that Newspring Church and Newspring Network will host a Double 2015.

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