Last Minute…3 Musts for this Sunday at Thrive

I love Saturdays!! Why? IMG_5137

Because Sunday is the next day! 

Last Sunday at Thrive was a ‘once a year’ kind of Sunday. It was just spectacular! So, how do you follow that up?

Well, by having The Spark back at Thrive to lead worship!

You heard that right, The Spark! 

Ok, before I get ahead of myself, here are the musts you need to know for Sunday.

3 Musts

1. Go to God on behalf of our Church.

Please, Please, Please spend some time in prayer and ask for God’s blessings on our time tomorrow. And, also ask for His blessing, protection and guidance during the week.

2. Invite friends to hear The Spark. 

It’s not too late. Send an invite. Call a friend. Don’t miss this great band!

3. Get ready.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day and I can’t wait to gather together with my church family!

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