Last Sunday was an AMAZING DAY! #ilovemychurch

Last Sunday was an AMAZING DAY! 

It really was!


Now, I know I say every Sunday is amazing and I’m excited all the time about what God is doing at Thrive, but this past Sunday was different.

It really was!

  • To be offsite.
  • To be outside.
  • To take over a park.
  • To create a little stir in the neighborhood.
  • To see so many new faces.
  • To hear so many great God stories.
  • To hear people celebrate as their friends and family were baptized.
  • To hear how loud Thrive Church sings.
  • To hear all the kids playing outside.
  • To enjoy a GREAT meal together.
  • To see so many people volunteer.
  • To experience being a part of the Thrive community.


To see 25 People Be Baptized! 

It was a GREAT Sunday!

It was the kind of Sunday that only happens every now and then. I wish it happened more. I do. But, I just don’t think these Sunday’s can happen every week. Maybe I’m wrong. I desperately want to be wrong. But, I know that something special happened this past Sunday.

And, I can’t wait till the next time we gather like this.

On top of all that, we started a series called…


I’m so thankful for a GREAT day and I can’t wait for this Sunday at Thrive. Our friends ‘The Spark’ are back at Thrive! It’s going to be an amazing Sunday!

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