5 Things I learned from taking a few days off of Social Media

This past week I took a few days off from Social Media. It wasn’t anything major…just a few days. I have friend who takes off the entire month of July. Mine was nothing like that. But, my wife and I took a week off and I decided it was time to unplug.

It was time to unplug because for me social media consumes too much of my life.

So, I deleted all social media apps from my phone and I didn’t check them at all on my computer. I even turned off my email! Needless to say, it was a brand new experience for me!

It was really revealing and really good and after only a week I learned a bunch.

5 Things I learned

1. I am addicted.

This was not a shocker. I found myself checking my phone every 5 minutes, ok 3 minutes, to see what I was missing. And, because everything was shut off, I wasn’t missing anything. Honestly, it took about a day or two before I stopped checking my phone so much.

So often at night, when I can’t sleep, I flip through Facebook in hopes that that will help me fall asleep. It never does! I’ve ready study after study saying that in fact it does not help but actually messes negativitly with your sleep schedule.  So, I found myself praying more as I lay in bed and talking to Jesus as I fell asleep. It was awesome.

2. The world still goes on when you go off. 

Yup, everything still happened and it didn’t care at all that I was offline.

Yeah, that basically sums it up.

3. I’m not as important as I think I am.

I’m reminded of this pretty often (I do have 4 kids!), but taking a week off from social media cemented the fact that I’m not really all that important at all! Hah! My goal for social media is always to bring hope and point people to Jesus, but honestly, I fall into the trap of thinking I’m more important than I really am.

I remember when I crossed the 3000 friend barrier on Facebook. I thought I was a really big deal. I really did, embarrassing, right??

It didn’t take long to be reminded of the fact that no one cares! Hah! I have actually started deleting friends, something I said I would never do and have deleted quite a bunch. More on that later.

4. My battery life is so much better when I don’t check Social Media all the time.

I literally went 2 days without charging my phone all the time. It was awesome.

5. My online presence has nothing to do with my worth or identity. 

I have spent way too much time worrying about likes or losing friends or how many posts or how little posts or if people read my blog or building a platform or seeing what others are doing.

I’m done.

All of that has nothing to do with my worth or identity. It’s embarrassing to even type that. But, truthfully, I have fallen in that trap before.

I learned a ton

I think I’m going to keep Facebook off my phone. I’m def. going to stop checking it at night and I’m going to work hard at guarding my time.


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