Help Thrive launch our 2nd Sunday Morning Experience (service)

Thrive is 10 months old. It’s been an extremely exciting-challenging-joyful-rewarding-amazingly hard-but ridiculously awesome first year. Whew!thrive))church-no-perfect-allowed

We celebrate our one year anniversary on October 5th, 2014 and you’re invited. Even if you don’t live in Central MI, you’re invited.

So many people from around the country have helped us get to where we are and we wouldn’t be here without you! So, thanks!

In 10 months 34 people have trusted in Christ as their personal Savior and 48 have recommitted their lives to Jesus. And 35 people have been baptized!

Help us Launch…

A few Sunday’s ago at Thrive, I announced that on Sunday, October 12th, we will be launching our 2nd Sunday morning experience (service)! That’s right, we will go from having a 10 am experience to having a 900am and a 1015am. In order to do that, it’s going to take a lot of people helping us get there.

Woo Hoo!

Yes, we are terribly excited and we’re working hard to get ready for those 2 very big weeks. We have to add an additional Sunday morning experience because Thrive Kidz just keeps bursting like crazy and our adult attendance is growing as steadily as well!

I love this opportunity we have and we need your help. We need your partnership. Without you, we will not continue to grow and reach more people. So, here is how you can help us launch our second morning experience.

How you can help…

1. Attend Thrive Consistently. If you live in Central Michigan, be a part of Thrive. Pretty simple. I have conversations just about every day with people who have been thinking and praying about being a part! Well, we would love to have you!

If you already attend Thrive, I would love to ask you to attend consistently. Oh, and while I’m asking, would you think about coming 15 minutes early? I know this may be a stretch, but it would be HUGE!

2. Donate Financially to Thrive. Yes, I’m asking for money. If you live in other states or far away from Thrive, but believe in our vision, would you help us with a financial gift? In order to launch this second experience and upgrade our existing equipment and set up, we are raising an additional $25,000.

That will help us upgrade our Thrive Kidz experience, upgrade our Lobby, give out free Bibles, upgrade our worship experience, add a budget to our One Youth Student Ministry and bless some local non-profits.

If you want to send a check, you can send it to: Thrive Church, PO Box 1408, Mt Pleasant, MI 48804.

Or, you can give online…


3. Keep on inviting and asking friends to check out Thrive. This comes naturally to some of us and for others, it’s really tough. Regardless of how easy or hard it is, we all need to be inviting, praying and asking our friends and family and co-workers and neighbors to check out Thrive Church.

Why? Because they will hear about the life changing hope that Jesus offers.

4. Pray for Thrive Church. I know that sounds like the Sunday School answer, but please pray. Pray everyday.

Pray for…God to bless Thrive Church, Pray for His favor, Pray for His protection, Pray that we would be welcoming and accepting to everyone who comes through the doors and pray for people to meet Jesus and for their faith to grow in Him.

We’re excited about God is doing at Thrive and you’re invited to be a part! 


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