Everybody needs a mentor like Kevin

I am really blessed.

I have always had a few men and women in my life who have mentored me and helped me grow as a husband, dad, pastor and leader.

Many years ago, someone put a John Maxwell Leadership tape in my hands and I listened to it and I was hooked!

Not only did I consume as many Maxwell Leadership tapes as I could, the theme of that first tape was to find a mentor and I went after it.

I searched. I wrote a dream list. I wrote a more realistic list. Then I asked them if they would consider mentoring me. Some said yes, many said no and every time I met with them, I went with a pad of paper and just wrote and listened!

Then I met Kevin Winningham and everything changed.

Up until I met Kevin, I had some really great mentors!  Kevin just changed everything. We clicked pretty darn well from the beginning. We both loved ministry, the church and we both loved youth ministry. We could sit and talk ministry philosophy forever! We were both pretty connected and it was fun to talk relationships. Minutes just evaporated when we were together and honestly, still do!

Then he hired me and I was in heaven.

It was just spectacular working for a leader that I so admired. It was a dream come true and I loved reporting to him and being a part of his team.

Time has flown by and now there are many years from the days that Kevin was both my boss and mentor. But, all these years later, Kevin remains a trusted mentor, a friend and one of the men I admire most in life.

What Kevin does…

1. He cares. Whether it’s a quick text, email or a voicemail, he excels in encouragement.

2. He sees. He just gets the big picture and really sees what’s going on. Because of that, he’s able to ask some great questions.

3. He asks. Again, because he really cares and sees, he asks amazing questions. His questions help me think through things.

4. He listens. And, he really does.

5. He prays. Kevin is not the kind to just say he’s praying, he does! How do I know? Well, every time we’re on the phone, he always ends our conversation by praying for me!

You need a Kevin. Do everything you can to find one. Ask God to put someone in your life. Go ask someone. And ask someone who is fully sold out follower of Jesus.

Then, before you know it, you might become a Kevin for someone else.


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