This past Sunday at Thrive was a really good Sunday. Honestly, in the midst of how good it was, it was also really hard.

It was hard because my heart was heavy. We were dealing with a tough topic and a really hard question…Why would a good God allow pain and suffering?

Whew! I loved teaching about pain and suffering and I can’t wait till we do a whole series on that topic at some point! It was also heavy because some of our Thrivers are facing some amazingly hard things right now. There is just so much pain and hurt.

But, I was excited to be a part of another GREAT Sunday at Thrive and I always have this moment on Sunday afternoon where I just scratch my head and thank God for giving me the tremendous blessing of being a part of this Church!

Ok, that being said, there were a few things that I absolutely loved about this past Sunday at Thrive.

What I loved…

1. The Band. Yes, I did love the band! I so appreciate all the time they put in rehearsing and practicing and leading us. Matt and Josh also covered a great Shane and Shane song and it was amazing!

What’s even better about the band is that they have GREAT hearts! They serve, they give and then they serve some more! So AWESOME!

2. The Prayer team. At one point I was walking down the hallway to theater one, right before our volunteer huddle, and I see the prayer team coming down the aisle. So wish I could have filmed it, put it to slow motion and then put a kicking song to it. That would have been awesome!

I just love that they cover our church in prayer! I love that they pray over the seats.

3. Lunch at Wendy’s. Pretty much every Sunday, a group of us heads to Wendy’s after we’re all done cleaning up. Everyone is invited and typically there are a few families there. It’s about an hour after church ends.

Sunday, there were a lot of us there! It was awesome.

Actually, it was chaos! But, it was so awesome!

It’s no secret, I love my Church. I love my church family and I can’t wait for what’s ahead!


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