August is a HUGE month for Thrive!!

So…it’s August! 3_Musts_Logo

When did that happen? I honestly can’t believe how fast this summer has flown by!

That being said, as vacations are winding down and summer travel is coming to a close, there are some HUGE things you need to know about what’s going on with Thrive Church!

Specifically there are 3 biggies

1. August’s Dates

8.3…’Why does a good God allow suffering’ [10am…well, 9:55am]
8.6…Prayer Night [7pm]
8.10…’Can I trust the Bible’ and we finish the ‘Skeptics Wanted’ series [10am…well, 9:55am]

8.17…BAPTISM & BBQ and ‘I love my church’ Sunday [11am-130pm]

**I cannot emphasize enough how incredibly BIG & IMPORTANT this Sunday is to the life of our church! My hope and prayer is that everyone who calls Thrive their home church will be at this awesome day!

We will gather in the South Park in Lake Isabella. We will sing, worship and open up God’s word outdoors and then we will celebrate our Thrivers who are taking the step to be baptized! Pretty awesome! Oh, then we will have a kick butt BBQ! Kids can run around, play whiffle ball and kick ball and swim.

If you’re getting baptized, invite and bring your family and friends. If you’re a part of Thrive Church, bring your friends and family to experience Thrive.

Oh, we will be selling ‘I love my church’ shirts that day for $10. Make sure you grab one.

8.23…All Volunteer Leader Gathering and Training [830-11a]

*This is another HUGE day in the life of our church. We have to add 50 new volunteers to our teams in order to have a successful launch of our 2nd Sunday experience and this is the day we will be training everyone.

Plus, we will sharing the vision and next steps for the fall!!


8.24…The Spark at Thrive! That’s right, The Spark are coming back and we’re giving them a ton of time on Sunday morning to lead us! You will not want to miss this Sunday!

8.31…Let’s just say we will have another special guest band filling in. I cannot confirm or deny who it will be, but it should be really fun!

2. Pray for Thrive Church. 

I know I sound like a broken record, but we have to praying for our church every single day! Pray for God’s blessing, His favor, growth, people to give their lives over to Jesus and grow in their faith. Pray for protection, unity and pray that we would be used to be the church all around Central MI.

3. Fall Dates to put on your calendar. 

Our series for the month of September is called…


We will be talking all about relationships and why they are so messy and how we can make them not so messy!

October 5, 2014.

This is our 1 year anniversary and we can’t wait! Get this on your calendar.

October 12, 2014. 

This is the launch of our 2nd Sunday morning experience. That’s right, we will have Thrive at 900am and 1015am

I am so excited about what’s ahead at Thrive Church and I know we will continue pursuing our mission…

To help people find and follow Jesus. 



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