Thrive Church…3 Musts for Sunday

It's Labor Day Weekend!!  You know what that means? Thrive is just a day away!  We have another amazing opportunity to GATHER as a church on Sunday and I wanted to make sure you knew a few musts before Sunday! Here we go... 1. We all need to GROW. We're talking about one of the... Continue Reading →


Double Conference Day #2…My biggest regret

It's 7am and I can't wait to get back over to Newspring Church today and finish the Double Conference!  Like I said yesterday, my first day's experience was incredible. In the words of Jimmy Fallon, it was...#sogood! I was going to list out a ton of first day sound bites and quotes, but honestly, there... Continue Reading →

Incredible Experience so far at Newspring Church

Here are my initial thoughts about my experience so far at Newspring Church and the Double Conference. Wow. Over the top welcoming.  Passionate. Powerful worship. Inspired teaching. Incredible facilites. Great musicians. Fun. Incredible organized. So, SO Practical. Biblical. Jesus focused. Ok, those are my initial thoughts. I really can't pull out anything negative! So far,... Continue Reading →

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