What I love about Thrive






I look forward to writing this mid week update on what I love or what I loved about Thrive from the Sunday before. I really do.

Partly because I can’t wait to look back in 2 years and 5 years and 10 years and read through these. I think it will be incredibly fun to look back and to read what God did in our church. And, to read the ups and downs and see God’s faithfulness! Exciting!

That being said, I wasn’t at Thrive this past Sunday! I missed it like crazy.

What I love

1. Pastor Swap.

This past Sunday, Terry Prisk (The River’s Pastor) and I swapped places. He came up to Thrive to speak and I went to the River to speak. Terry knocked it out of the park!

We’re in a series called ‘Skeptics Wanted’ and he tackled the question ‘Do I need to be baptized’?

If you missed it, here’s the message.

What’s awesome about this is the fact that Thrive would probably not exist without the help of Terry and The River! I’m so thankful for their partnership and support.

2. Yes, I want to get baptized!

This just never gets old. On August 17th, we’re having a Baptism & BBQ celebration as a Church and this past Sunday, 5 more people signed up to be baptized!


3. Our Church. 

I was talking to a Thriver on the way home from being at The River and they said something to me about ‘our church’. I just love that!

Why? Because Thrive is not my church. It’s the people that make up Thrive.

Every once in a while I get on people for saying…’we need to do this at your church’. That implies that its mine, it’s not.

What a great privilege it is to lead Thrive Church!

I love my church! 



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