Happy Birthday Bobby! My son is 12!!!!!!!!!

Today is Bobby’s 12th Birthday. IMG_0806

I can’t even begin to express how much I love this young man.

It was about this time 12 years ago that I was heading on stage to lead worship and my wife stopped me and said it was time to head to the hospital.

I’ll never forget that day. We had a waiting room full of people and Bobby was born. He was our second and our first boy.

One of the best moments of my life was introducing him to my dad. It was so much fun to say…

Bob Raitz meet Bobby Raitz. 

What I love about Bob…

Bobby is a thinker. He’s a processor. He’s a calculator.

Bobby is one of the best question askers I know. His questions are deep and well thought out.

Bobby has great discernment and he most often figures out or sees what is happening in a situation.

Bobby also has the gift of empathy. He has so much compassion for those who are hurting or beat down.

Bobby is a builder. He loves building legos and he loves figuring stuff out. IMG_3611

Bobby does not like the spot light. He does not have to be first or recognized.

In fact, Bobby is just ok with not being up front or being the center of attention.

But, if he’s comfortable, look out. He’ll dance, sing, act goofy and play around.

This past week he was a youth retreat and I saw him come alive. It was just awesome.

Bobby is a good athlete, but again, he doesn’t like the attention.

He loves video games. Probably more than anything else.

I can always rely on Bobby to pray. Whether it’s before a meal, at youth group or even at church. Which is surprising because he does not like being up front.

Bobby loves to rest and chill. He loves chocolate and he loves watching movies.

We love going to the movies together. Watching TV shows like Arrow and playing catch or shooting hoops.

He loves to fish and would love to hunt if I took him more, I need to work on that.

What I pray for Bobby…IMG_4917

1. That He would become a Man of God.

2. That his love for Jesus would continue to grow.

3. That he would have a passion for God’s Word.

4. That Jesus would be the Lord of His life.

5. That God would be His life’s focus.

6. That he would learn and pursue the calling that God has for his life.

7. That the fruit of the Spirit would be evident in his life.

8. That he would love people in a huge way.

9. That God would protect Him.

10. That God would use him to reach thousands of people for His Kingdom.

I love this boy. I am so proud of this young man. I am so blessed to be his dad. 

Father God, please make your face to shine up Bobby Raitz and be gracious to Him. Please open up the floodgates of heaven and pour out your blessings on Him. Please give Him the strength to keep his eyes focused on you.

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