What I love about Thrive









Sunday at Thrive was just awesome! I know I say that a lot, but my goodness, when you give everything you can and see a team of people doing that as well…wow!

I know for the average person that checks out Thrive or has been attending here and there, this probably just doesn’t have the same weight. But, it takes a lot to do what we’re doing and I can’t even comprehend how thankful and humbled I am to the teams of people who volunteer at Thrive!

I’ve said it a million times,  Thrive is so much more than Sunday mornings. But, that being said, Sunday is a big part of what we do (especially in this first year) and I want to take time to celebrate what God is doing at Thrive.

What I love about Thrive

1. Our Volunteers! I just talked about our volunteer teams, but my goodness, I am going to talk about them again! Our volunteers are the foundation of Thrive! Thrive would not exist without these amazing people! People like Rich Schuch, a Thrive Kidz volunteer, who leads our large group for Thrive kids and is there week after week!

There are some Sunday mornings I walk around and hold back the tears because it’s just awesome to watch these amazing people pour in there time and invest into our church!

If you’ve yet to take the step to volunteer at Thrive, I would really encourage you to get involved and step up and serve!!

2. ‘We’re in’. I was talking in the lobby after church with a few people and a guy came up to me and politely interrupted and said:

‘we’ve been praying for a church home for a long time, we’ve found it! Thanks for all you do!’

Are you kidding me?!? That is just awesome. To know that this family has decided to make Thrive their home church…well, that is just awesome!

3. ‘Thank you for sharing your doubts’. We’re in a series called ‘Skeptics Wanted’ at Thrive and this past week the topic was…’Can I still be a Christian and have doubts’?

Big and heavy topic! Whew! I was standing outside after church watching our families play kickball and a person came up to me and said:

‘Thank you for sharing your doubts’. They went on to explain that they thought that since I was a pastor, I probably would not have been that vulnerable about my own personal doubts.

I shared a few very personal doubts on Sunday:

…My original call to ministry. My entire childhood people said I would be a pastor, I fought it.

…If God was so good, why would He allow my grandmother to be killed in a car accident

…My fight with God to start Thrive Church. I wrestled with God for a long time over starting this church.

In the end, I encouraged people to know it’s ok to have doubts, but we must stay focused on God. That God is more interested in a relationship than the reasons that we’re searching for and that there is an equation to remember when it comes to doubt:

doubt + surrender + trust

I can’t wait for this Sunday at Thrive!

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