3 Musts for tomorrow at Thrive





It’s Saturday night!

Normally, I write this post much sooner and post it during the week to give some folks a heads up.

But, it was just a crazy week! Non stop. Good kind of crazy, but it flew by.

I don’t know if you can relate. But wow! Feels like it was just Tuesday morning and now it’s Saturday night.

If you can relate, here’s what I suggest. Be at Thrive tomorrow. Why? Because it just may be what your soul needs after a crazy week. You may be thinking of staying at home to rest, but…BUT…B U T…be at Thrive. Be around a community of people who are desperately seeking God, worship, pray, listen to a message on doubts and meet some new people. That’s what I suggest.

Ok, now that you’re planning on coming, here are 3 musts for tomorrow at Thrive…

1. Pray like crazy tonight. No, really! Go for a walk and pray. Go for a drive and pray. Sit on your back porch and pray.

pray for…Unity for Thrive Church. A passion to reach people far from Jesus. An environment of acceptance. That God would radically get ahold of our hearts and turn them toward Him.

2. Be there early. 

I know it may seem weird, but being there early really does help us. A few Sunday’s ago I counted almost 40 people that came in after the second song! Man, you’re missing out! Just leave your house 5 minutes earlier.

I’m not asking you to be there an hour earlier. But, here’s what I am asking…

Can you be in theater one by 9:55am? 


Yeah, so this is cool. I love to get to tell our church about some awesome stuff and tomorrow morning I will do just that. I get to announce to some super awesome stuff coming our way as a church and I hope you will be there to hear it!!

See you tomorrow at 10am or 9:55am! 

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