3 Musts for Sunday at Thrive






As I write this post, I am in very sunny Tampa, FL. Actually, I’m outside Tampa about an hour from the ocean. It is sunny! Like, crazy burn your eyes sunny!

Anyways, I have spent a great amount of time this week praying for you and our church!

I couldn’t be more excited about this Sunday! Why?

Because I love Sundays! I love gathering together as a Church family! I love meeting new people who are checking out Thrive. I love to hear stories about what God is doing in peoples lives. I love to see people serve God. I love to listen to Thrive worship. I love to teach God’s word. I love to see kids, students, young adults, older adults all come together!

That being said, here are some musts for Sunday at Thrive:

1. Bring a Friend. It’s a Perfect Sunday to bring a friend. We start a new series called ‘Skeptics Wanted’. Especially if you have a friend who has doubts about10525896_644004029028248_2545950518427679976_n the church or God.

2. Be there. Yeah, seriously, be at Thrive. I know its summer and you do need some time to relax. But, if you’re not ready to relax this Sunday, be at Thrive.

And, when you come, really be a part! Say hi, ask for information, meet someone new, sit by somebody new, sing, sing loud, pray, listen, ask God to speak to you and jump in.

3. Be Open. For the next 5 weeks, we will be talking about doubts. It’s ok to have doubts. Let’s talk about them together. Let’s dive into God’s word and see what He has to say about our doubts!

Can’t wait for you to join us at 10am at Celebration Cinema! 

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