Are the Walls of Life Caving in?

Because I’m a Pastor, I hear a lot of not so fun life stories. Not to sugar coat it, but it’s hard!

On the other hand, I also hear so many ‘Only God’ stories and it’s just awesome.

But, in different seasons of life, I go from hearing ‘The Walls are Caving in’ stories and the ‘Only God’ ones.

And, I’ve experienced my fair share of both!

No, really! I have! Here’s what I’ve learned…

Here are your first steps…

Stop running away from God
Stop running away from people
Stop running your mouth about how awful your life is
Stop blaming others for your journey
Stop blaming God
Stop doing the same things you’ve always done

I know that’s a lot of ‘stopping’, but I’m telling you, 95% of every ‘Walls Caving In’ story is us running from something.

Here are your second steps…

Start running towards God
Start running towards his people
Start showing up at church every single week
Start reading his words every day
Start your day with spending time with God

The best way to get through is to keep taking steps. One step at a time. One day at a time. One breath at a time.


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