To Thrive Church and the Thrive Volunteers

To Thrive Church and the Thrive Volunteers,

I love you. I really do. And, I so proud of our church.

Today we are taking a HUGE step for a church our size. We’re hosting an event that has the potential and power to reach an amazing amount of people…especially men. Which is HUGE!

And, we’re doing this today even though were missing some of our regular high impact volunteers.

To be honest, there were a few times this past week that I let the anxiety of hosting this event get to me. I had to keep going back to the basics:

  • Taking a prayer walk
  • Opening up God’s word
  • Reading God’s word
  • Believing God’s word
  • Thanking God
  • Listening

You have been amazing. Praying. Praying some more. Texting me that you were praying. Inviting friends and family. Inviting some more. Praying for them.

Many of you have worked your butts off for today!

  • Filling water balloons
  • Making food
  • Buying food and drinks
  • Working on details
  • Making calls
  • Setting up

Here’s what I know…we’re not doing this in vain! There are men, dads, grandpa’s, uncles, moms, kids, women that are coming today that would have normally never come to Church…That’s just HUGE!

Let’s be praying. Let’s humbly seek God and ask Him to pour open the floodgates of heaven today.

We are only 9 months old, but God is up to something HUGE in our midst. Keep trusting Him, Keep looking to Him, Keep crying out to Him, Keep calling out to Him and Keep looking outward!!

Again, you’re loved!



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