What I loved about last Sunday at Thrive

Where do I even start?!?

Let’s start with last Saturday night. It was our first Thrive Volunteer Appreciation BBQ and it was awesome!

No real agenda. No speech. No program.

Just hanging out. Just enjoying each other. Just eating some great food (Sure Shot BBQ and Cold Stone). Just laughing. Just talking. Just listening to the kids swim. Just watching the kids run around.

It was awesome.

Then, Sunday morning! Yeah, it was another great Sunday at Thrive.

What I loved…

1. Concluding the ‘Get Rich’ series. It was a GREAT series for some. Some hated it because we went right at money and what God says about it and that’s not always popular.

If you missed any of the series, just head here to watch them.

2. We gave away free books. Anybody that wanted a copy of The Generosity Ladder, we gave it to them. I’m praying that will help people big time with their finances!

3. Matt and the band rocked! NO REALLY, THEY ROCKED! They opened with ‘Taking care of business’ and we got a first hand view of just how talented Matt Moore is! Just awesome! That’s another reason to not be late 🙂

Oh, if you’ve never checked out his Facebook or website, you have too! Go like his Facebook!!

4. We honored graduating Seniors! That was so cool. We played a little video with them, bragged about them and then prayed over them.

5. My parents renewed their wedding vows! No, really. They just celebrated their 40th anniversary and they wanted to renew their vows at church. Pretty awesome moment!

I hope you can make it this Sunday to Thrive Church. We meet at Celebration Cinema at 10am. See you then! 



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