Zach Raitz is 10 years old!

I can’t believe it, but my Zach is 10 years old. IMG_0478

I could not be more in love and more proud of the young man Zach is becoming.

Here’s what I know about Zach

Zach is a terribly hard worker. Whether its his homework or his chores, he likes and will get the job done as best and as soon as he can.

Zach is way too much fun. Yes, he is the life of the party. Too much sometimes, but he just brings joy and laugher.

Zach loves to laugh. We tell jokes and laugh all the time together.

Zach loves people. He loves being around them and he loves talking to them.

Zach loves little kids and he’s great with them!

Zach loves music! I can’t wait to get him started on drum lessons.IMG_0587

Zach loves 7eleven. No, like an incredible love for slurpees. Ever since he was old enough to crawl he’s loved them. When we found out he had PKU, we didn’t know much about his diet in those days and felt bad for him since he can’t eat protein. But, since slurpees are protein free, he loves them.

Zach is willing to take risks. I love his spirit to try new stuff. Even when he strikes out, he smiles. The kid is always smiling.

Zach is a daddy’s boy. Has been that way since the beginning. He has taught me more about love than I ever could have imagined.

Zach is a writer. He’s always loved to write stories and tell them.

Zach loves spiderman. Always has. Just loves him.

Zach loves baseball. He could possibly ask me to play catch dozen or so times a week.

Zach loves to be moving. He’s not a kid to sit around and do nothing.

Zach really wants an iPhone. We’ll see when he gets one.

Zach loves his family.

Zach loves to dress good. The kid would wear a suit all the time if he owned one. IMG_4500

Zach really likes to smell good. He even knows what kind of Axe body wash he likes!

Zach loves Jesus and he loves church. We are always talking about Jesus and the church. I love to listen to him dream about the church and what our church can be and become.

Obviously, I love my Zach. It’s hard to even put into words just how much. Every day I thank God for blessing me with the privilege of being Zach’s dad.

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