Hey Thrive…3 Musts for tomorrow at Thrive

It’s almost Sunday!!!

Actually, tomorrow is Sunday! facebook---Get-Rich---2

It’s so awesome that Summer is here and soon school will be out! 

I can’t wait for this tomoorow at Thrive and I wanted to give you a few things you need to know to be ready.

3 Musts for this Sunday

1. Be at Thrive! 

Yup, it’s that simple. There is something just awesome that happens when people from a community of Jesus followers gather together. So, be there.

Experience it. Be a part of it. Grow. Learn. Meet new people. Sing. Laugh. Serve. Give. Invest.

2. Come help celebrate our graduating Seniors. 

We are celebrating and praying for our graduating high school seniors and it’s going to awesome! Be at Thrive to support them.

3. Don’t miss the final week of ‘Get Rich’

It’s been a great series and tomorrow we will finish up with a talk called ‘Taking care of Business’. If you’re under water with your finances or know someone who is, tomorrow will be a great day to be at Thrive!

Thanks for being a part of accomplishing our mission to help people find and follow Jesus!!  

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