10 Ways to Help Your Church Grow pt. 1

Your Church should be growing. Let me just start there. Some churches are growing like crazy. Some churches aren’t growing. Some churches are just flat out dying. Some churches dream of growing. Some churches get together and talk about the ‘the good old day’s. And then some churches are in a holding pattern and have been in a tough valley for a long season.

Whatever season your Church is in, the reality is, it should be growing. We have been given the Great Commission and a charge to ‘make disciples’. So, how can you help your Church grow reach more people for Jesus.

Before I jump in to these very simple ways to help your church grow, let me quickly address the word growth. So often when we think of church growth, we purely think about Sunday attendance.

It’s so much more than that! 

Yes, more people on Sunday’s are a part of that. And, actually, at Thrive, we pray for all the churches in our area and that their parking lots would be packed on Sunday’s.

But, its not just more people. It’s so much more.

  • It’s more people crossing the line of faith…one at a time.
  • And, more kids making a decision to follow Jesus.
  • And students living out their faith at school.
  • And people deciding to live out and in the sacredness of community.
  • And people stepping up to serve the poor.

It’s so much than just more people in the seats of your church.

It’s about life change. Lives being so wrecked for good because of the Gospel that they have turned towards Jesus and have given their lives to Him.

What’s great about this list is that each of these ways are incredibly simple and easy for anyway to live out.

10 Ways to Help Your Church Grow pt. 1

1. Realize that God is in control

Yup, its up to Him. Yes, we should do whatever it takes to help our churches grow, but in the end, it’s on God. We have to look to Him. We have to talk to Him and ask Him for His favor and hand of blessing on our churches.

2. Understand that your Church does need to grow and that’s a good thing

Understand that Church growth is good! It is, it really is! It’s tough though sometimes. Especially if you help plant a church and you love that early community. You do everything together and you love that group of people. Of course you want your church to grow, but sometimes its tough to think about your community changing.

3. Really want your church to grow

This is closely related to the second way, but there are people sometimes that just flat out don’t want their church to grow. They like things how they are and honestly, they don’t want any new people. I have had dozens of conversations that went along these lines over the years and it just amazes me that they really don’t want their church to grow.

4. Pray for your church to grow

Yes, daily! Seek God on your churches behalf. Beg God, talk to God, cry out to God and ask Him to move through your local Church. Pray for your Church to have favor with the unchurched in your area. Pray for your church to have favor with local leaders and businesses. Pray for your church to have a passion to reach people who are fed up with Church and done with God. Pray for your church to be a catalyst to grow disciples. Pray for your church to have a strong desire to care for the poor and provide real needs for your community.

Just Pray.

5. Embrace Change because its a major catalyst for growth

No, I’m being serious! Want Change, Desire Change, Help bring Change, Love Change, Support Change.

Now, I’m not suggesting you support ridiculous change like changing the name to something absurd. But, churches need to change. So many churches are tied up in internal battles over music and tradition and honestly they have been effective for years because of all the internal battles.

So, embrace change! Welcome it! Help bring change.

Ok, there it is. The first 5 ways you can help your church grown.

What did I miss? Let me know. Or, wait till tomorrow and read the next 5 and then tell me what I missed.




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