Every Sunday I have the privilege of being on the front lines of hearing some amazing things. 1175433_10152037511128455_1659779187_n


Lately, I’m trying to keep track of them by writing them down very quickly in my phone.

As I looked back and reflected on last Sunday, I just had to share there here on my blog.

Super Encouraging Things

“Best part of my week”

“Hell must be freezing over because I haven’t been in church for 15 years”

“Today the friend I brought to Thrive trusted in Jesus”

“I want to get baptized”

“My son is going with One Youth to serve on the drive by raking”

“I love my church”

“I was shocked when my boyfriend said he wanted to come back”

Our mission at Thrive is to help people Find and Follow Jesus and that’s why we’re ridiculously focused on creating an environment that people with absolutely no church experience will love. And, an environment that pushes people who have been around church a long time to realize it’s not about them but helping people find Jesus.

I love my church.

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