Parenting 101…Don’t miss the small moments

In my 14 years of being a dad, here is the one thing that I try to remind myself of all the time…

Don’t miss the small moments.IMG_3312

I have missed my fair share of big and small moments over the years.


and Small. 

It’s probably one of my biggest regrets in life. Far too many years I was off chasing something that I probably didn’t need to be chasing and I missed way too many big and small moments.

I’ve tried hard. I have. I love being a dad and I love my kids. But, I have missed too many moments. I just have.

But, daily, I’m reminding myself to take advantage of the small moments.

Like, the other night, Madie and I had a few moments alone. Her brothers and sister were off and the living room was quiet for just a minute.  So, I just played a simple game with her…I just asked her as many questions as I could.

Her face lit up. 

She danced as she answered.

She got more and more animated.

She loved telling me her responses.

I asked her about everything. What she loved about school, stuff about her friends, her favorite movies and so many more.

Those 8 minutes were the best. 

She still talks about them.

I still talk about them.

I want them back. And, I know they will happen again.

I just can’t miss the small moments.

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