I played catch with Bob last night…and it was awesome!

This may not seem like its that big of a deal. 324908_10152862376760235_887330409_o

I mean, in the almost 12 years Bob’s been on planet earth, he and I have played catch literally hundreds, if not thousands of times.

But, for the last 6 months, we haven’t played catch at all.

Not once. 

After Bob decided to bow out of a fall baseball league, something happened with he and baseball.

Most likely, something happened with he and baseball and I. But, he tells me he just needed a break.

Now, it’s not like we had him doing a million sports or anything like that, Bob just needed some space.

And, this spring is the first time he isn’t playing since he was 5.

It’s kind of weird, to be honest.

But, we just didn’t feel like it would be helpful to push him into it and force it on him. So, we gave him the choice. Now, he had to choose something else to do and he chose golf. And that’s going awesome. But, he’s been done with baseball for quite a few months.

So, we’ve given him his space. I have given him his space.992934_10153091566510235_341593620_n

And then, out of the blue, we’re at Zach’s game last night and he says…

‘Dad, let’s play catch’. 

Of course I jump out of my seat and he warns me…”I may be a little rusty”, but he finds his grove quick and he smiles the whole way.

I even had him pitch me a few and he popped the glove.

It was just awesome to see Bob smile as we played catch.

Yes, I love being a dad.

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