Mother’s Day at Thrive ROCKED!

There are some Sunday’s that just stick out as special at Thrive and this past Sunday was definitely one of them. Honestly…IMG_0257

It just rocked!

It was just awesome! It was definitely one of those days that I’ll aways look back too when those days come that don’t go so well. And, I know those days will happen. But, right now, I love Sunday’s at Thrive. Every Sunday at Thrive! And, I know Sunday’s are just a small piece of the Thrive puzzle, but it is a big piece.

Here are a few reasons that mothers day rocked at Thrive:

1. We have an amazing team! One of Thrive’s team is our special event team. They plan and execute our bigger momentum building days like…Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Well, for Mother’s Day, this team out did itself. They prepared a wonderful breakfast for moms and I think they did an amazing job honoring moms! And, they were all moms serving moms! Just awesome!

2.Hearing stories of life change!

Again, this just never gets old! Every Sunday I have the honor of hearing story after story. And, they’re amazing stories! Stories of people being radically changed by the hope that Jesus offers!

3. Meeting new people! 

Every single Sunday there are brand new people who check out Thrive Church and its awesome! I have met so many new people in the past few months and I love it!

4. Hearing ‘my kids love to come to church’! 

I am so proud of our Thrive Kidz team! Every single week they transform movie theaters into incredible environments for kids and follow that up with some amazing large and small group stuff. I am so proud of our team!

If you’ve never checked out Thrive, I sure hope you will! We meet on Sunday’s at 10am at Celebration Cinema!


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