Want to be a ‘Partner’ with Thrive?

Today is Thrive‘s first Start Partnership Class.10247205_601710133257638_663172745761290165_n

Woo Hoo!

We don’t have ‘members’ at Thrive, we have Partners. A Thrive partner is someone is who is ‘All In’ at Thrive and commits to helping build and grow our church.
Today, I’ll dive into a lot of the ‘why’s behind what we do.
  • Why we’re passionate about reaching unchurched people.
  • Why we’re passionate about helping people follow Jesus.
  • Why we’re passionate about message based growth groups.
  • Why Sunday morning is an Experience and not a Service.
  • Why we try to steer away from the normal traditional elements of church.
  • Why we use all kinds of music and videos in our experiences.
  • Why we care a ton about kids and students.
  • Why we’re passionate about making a giant dent in Central MI for the kingdom.
  • Why we’re passionate about the Bible and what we believe about it.

It’s going to be a GREAT morning!

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