What I loved about Thrive this past Sunday

Last week, I had a pretty great week. To be extremely honest, it was amazing!IMG_0016

I spent the week in Orlando, FL for the Exponential Conference. It’s the worlds largest gathering of church planters and it’s just an amazing week. The learning was off the charts, connecting with other planters and leaders was amazing and getting to spend a week with some of our Thrive team was a privilege.

IMG_0168From there, I flew to Atlanta to speak at Jr High Believe and again, it was an absolutely fantastic experience.

But, the best part was flying home Saturday night!!

Why? Because I was able to see my kids and my church family the next day. And, it was awesome!

Here are a few things that I loved about last Sunday at Thrive.



Sunday at Thrive did not disappoint! 

1. The music and worship! Matt opened up with an incredible song and from there, lead us with some great worship!

2. Hearing Stories of people inviting friends. This just never gets old! Every week, I have the privilege of hearing story after story of people who take the courageous step to invite someone they know to check out Thrive.

Every week I hear stories from people who invited friends and then I hear the stories of the people that came. Wow! That’s just humbling

3. Hearing Life Stories. Every week people share with me their life stories. I get them through email, Facebook messages, texts and face to face. Again, it’s just so humbling.

4. Praying for Matt & Helena. Last week, Matt Moore came on board with Thrive as our Creative Director. So, at the end of IMG_0211our experience, I asked some Thrivers to come up, lay hands on them and pray for them. It was awesome. It was powerful. It was humbling.

Yes, I absolutely loved this past Sunday at Thrive and I can’t wait for this Sunday.

If you don’t have a church home, I hope you can join us this Sunday at 10am at Celebration Cinema!

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