Exponential 2014…It begins

I’m at the Exponential Church Planters Conference this week in Orlando!!!

I am just a little excited about this!

Why? Because…

  • I love conferences. No, I really LOVE conferences.
  • I love church planting.
  • I love church leadership.
  • I love the local church.
  • I love gathering with people who love those things as well.
  • I love growing and learning.
  • I love being stretched.

And…I LOVE THE WARMTH!!!! This conference is in Orlando and my back is in heaven! My back does great in crazy hot heat and I’m loving it.

Being here is a tremendous honor and privilege and one that I do not take lightly.

Ok, I can’t wait for the conference to kick off today and as I’ve been preparing and thinking about this trip, I have been thinking through the things I hope to experience and learn this week. So, here is my list.

What I hope to Experience and Learn at Exponential

I hope to experience some revitalization.

I hope to learn more about reaching the unchurched.

I hope to experience deepening my relationships with my Stadia family.

I hope to learn more about creating contributors in our church and not consumers.

I hope to experience some amazing team building with the Thrive team that came down with me.

I hope to learn more about finding some balance in my personal life.

I hope to experience Jesus in a powerful, life changing way.



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