This past Sunday, I was on the receiving end of an amazingly nice and super encouraging compliment.

I was honored. 

I was blown away. 

I was humbled. 

And, I was so appreciative.

After our Thrive experience was over, a brand new person to Thrive, went out of their way to pull me aside and tell me about their experience at Thrive.

The thing they said that stuck out to me personally was…

“I love that I didn’t feel beat up after you got done teaching”

I asked what they meant and they said that they had visited other churches and when they left, they felt like someone had just been beating them over the head. They said it was refreshing to leave Church hopeful and couldn’t wait for the week to begin!

Wow, that just made my week! Thrive is ridiculously passionate about reaching people who know Jesus and our vision is to be a church that unchurched people love to attend. So, one of my values for teaching is to bring life.

I believe strongly that way too many teachers ‘speak at people and not with them’. When we speak at people, we can open up the door to beating them up verbally. When we speak with people, we invite them into the story and bring them along.

I’m just thankful that someone felt hopeful after Thrive and were pointed to Jesus.

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