3 Reasons to be at the Worship night tonight

Tonight is Thrive’s first ever worship night. Worship Night

We have our good friends, ‘The Spark’ coming over from WI and we’re calling the night…

‘making Jesus famous’.

I am beyond excited and can’t wait to gather with the Thrive Community to worship and pray.

Why are hosting this night? 

We are hosting this worship night because it gives our Thrive community more of an opportunity to worship. Because we are passionately focused on reaching the unchurched with our Sunday morning experience, we don’t spend a ton of time on Sunday’s in traditional ‘worship’. Now, that doesn’t mean we don’t sing, pray and give. It just means, our time at the movie theater is very limited, so we have to watch our time.

That’s why a few times a year, we will host these worship nights.

What will it be like? 

First of all, there will be a GREAT band! So, if you like great music, but are still unsure about worship, no worries! Come and experience ‘The Spark and enjoy! But, they will play 6-8 songs. Most likely, they will be loud. Not all of them. But, some of them. We will intermix scripture in between the songs and there will be a time to pray. To either be prayed for, or just to pray quietly, you and God. We will talk about how we can make Jesus famous. And, then we will tell him through song how great He is.

Who can come? 

Anyone and everyone.

What time is it and Where? 

It’s from 630-800 and it’s at Vowles Elementary School (1560 S Watson, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858).

 3 Reasons to be at the Worship Night

1. To worship Jesus or as my friends ‘The Spark’ say…#loveJesusloud.

2. To gather together as a community and experience worshipping Jesus together…passionately…boldly…loudly.

3. To be a part of something that will be a highlight in the history of our young church.


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