I loved last Sunday at Thrive

It’s funny, but every week I sit down to write this blog post and I end up saying just about the same thing…IMG_4900

I loved last Sunday at Thrive.

I’m not flubbing the truth, I’m not just saying it for hype, I’m not making something out of nothing…I just really enjoyed last Sunday at Thrive.

Now, I know I’m the pastor and I’m suppose to say that and I know there will be Sunday’s that I don’t enjoy…ok, I hope not!

But, right now…WOW…I loved it.

Here’s why I loved it:

1. People stepped up! It was one of those Sunday’s where people came out of the wood work to help and it was awesome! One of Thrive’s struggles right now is that we don’t have enough volunteers. I’m working on that big time. But, Sunday, people served and it was amazing.

2. Thrive Kidz is EXPLODING. Ok, not literally, but I do hope we explode some fun stuff when it gets warm! What’s just awesome is that every week, families are bringing more and more kids to church. That’s both GREAT and a cause for a great opportunity. It’s great because more kids are hearing and learning about Jesus, but honestly, we’re running out of space.

It’s a great opportunity to have!

3. Seeing entire families come to church. And, when I way entire families, I mean entire families. Not just mom and dad and the kids, but grandparents, aunts and uncles and family friends. It’s just so awesome and to hear some of the stories of the relatives inviting other relatives. How they’ve been praying for years for their family members to come to church and now they are. Wow, just humbling.

4. ‘Do Good’ series kicked off with a bang. We started a brand new series called Do Good-SS-Promo-1‘Do Good…simple ways to help others’. Week one was all about how if we take the step to be compassionate to others, God does something amazing in our lives. He forms our character and shapes us into more and more of his image when we serve, when we give, when we spread compassion on the people around us.

5. ‘Thank you’. After church on Sunday, we hosted an event called ‘After Party’. We do them every other month. We take over a local bowling alley, have lunch and then I share a little deeper look into Thrive and get a chance to meet people who have been coming recently to Thrive.

It was just awesome. I heard so many stories and at one point, a dad came up to me and thanked me. I said for what and he told me he’s been wanting to take his kids bowling for awhile but couldn’t afford it. He told me the after party meant the world.

I love my church!


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