Matt Moore is coming on staff with Thrive Church!

I’ve been waiting for this day for awhile now and, it’s finally here!IMG_3053

I’m super excited to announce that Matt Moore is joining the Thrive Community Church staff as our Creative Director!

I couldn’t be more EXCITED! 

He will be joining our team soon and is starting a fundraising campaign. Because we’re a church plant, our staff members need to raise part of their salaries for the first couple of years. So, he asking friends and family and ministry leaders to prayerfully consider being a…

Prayer partner and a Financial partners.

If you would like to help Matt, please head here to make a financial donation.

Just select the Matt Moore Thrive Support Fund or if you want to send a check, make it payable to Thrive Church, write Matt Moore in the memo line and send it to: Thrive Church, PO Box 1408, Mt Pleasant, MI 48804.

Thank you in advance for making a donation to help Matt! IMG_3837

Ok, a little back story…

I first met Matt a few years ago and then back in September, Matt and I sat down at Starbucks (after a mutual friend kept pushing me to call Matt). We both thought it would be a 30 minute meeting. Well, we ended up spending 3 hours together at that Starbucks. We dreamed, we laughed and we both left with the impression that God was working to bring us together. I left that meeting feeling really grateful that our mutual friend didn’t give up encouraging me to call Matt!

In October, Thrive Church officially launched and Matt and his band lead the music and it rocked! From the git-go, everybody at Thrive just loved Matt & his wife, Helena.

From there, we continued our talks and we just dreamed together. We dreamed about the vision of Thrive Church. Our vision is to be a church that the unchurched find irresistible. Our mission is to help people find and follow Jesus. We’re simple, fun and real.

Then, in December, I presented Matt & Helena with an interesting idea. I asked them if they would consider going IMG_4456through a church planters assessment. Tracie and I both went through this assessment 8 months prior. The organization that helped get Thrive off the ground is called Stadia. Stadia brings together a network of existing churches that launch a brand new church. One of Stadia’s guidelines is that potential staff in a leadership role would go through the church planters assessment.

Honestly, its a really tough. It’s pretty daunting. You’re poked and prodded and assessed like crazy. After filling out pages and pages of questionaries, taking multiple tests, you spend a week with your spouse at the assessment center. At the end of the week, you are told if you are recommended or they think you need some more time. Well, Matt & Helena did great and were recommended.

Then, Matt interviewed with Thrives management team and a group of our core leaders and again, everyone had just a great peace about Matt coming on staff.

So, a few weeks ago in an area McDonalds, I offered Matt the job and accepted!

What you need to know about Matt Moore…

Outside of his crazy musical talents, probably the best part of Matt and don’t tell him this, is that he doesn’t realize how crazy gifted he is.

He is so humble! He just serves. He just gives. He just pours out. He just invests. He tells people about Jesus. His music points people to Jesus. And then, he gives some more after that!

I couldn’t be more excited about this partnership and what it means for the future of Thrive Church. Because Sundays at Thrive are very significant, his role as Creative Director is of utmost importance!

He will be auditioning, rehearsing and building up bands to play at Thrive and Thrive’s student ministry, One Youth. He will raise up teams of artists who will help add color and experiential moments to our Sunday experience. He will be building into people and shepherding them.

Thank you so much for considering helping Matt raise support to be a part of the Thrive team!

If you want to hear more about this news, head to the video below!

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