The Stories I loved to hear at Thrive this past Sunday

Last Sunday at Thrive was a mixture of GREAT…CRAZY…WILD…and HUMBLING. IMG_4763

Sunday morning started out like every Sunday morning. Then, very early, I got a text from Matt, Thrive’s worship leader. He and his family were very sick! Had been all night and he let me know he was going to be late! Talk about heart! Even after spending all night sick and being up, his first thought was to try to still make it! How do you not love that guy?!?

So, 630am rolled around and our family of 6 loaded up and headed into Mt Pleasant. Just as we were rolling into Mt Pleasant, the text came from Matt that he couldn’t make it. He was so bummed! I love his heart.

Now what to do? 

Well, Matt graciously let me use his amazing guitar and Josh graciously picked it up for me and then for the first time in over a year, I lead worship! Definitely threw people for a loop when I started out! I hadn’t picked up a guitar in a while, but luckily I had Josh and Fred! Both amazing musicians!!

That was just one of the fun stories from Sunday!

Here are some more stories that I loved…

1. My entire family is coming! This is an actual Facebook message I received the Friday before Thrive! And, it happened! I’m so proud of the Thriver that put out the invites, asked their family to come and then was there for them. What a great story!

2. ‘I’m one of the 100’. On Sunday, I laid out the vision and plans for our next 6 months. I told Thrive that I believe if a 100 of us stepped up, we could reach another 100 people for Jesus. As soon as Thrive ended on Sunday, a relatively new Thriver approached me and said…”I’m one of the 100″! It was awesome and humbling!

3. ‘My son loves Thrive Kidz’. I was standing in the lobby of the theater and a couple approached me and let me know how much their son loves Thrive Kidz. That’s just awesome! Our team works very hard to create a fantastic experience for every child that comes to Thrive Kidz!

4. I decided to follow Jesus. On Sunday, we passed out a very simple survey card and asked people to fill them out during the experience. It had 8 questions on it. One of them was the question…

I made a decision to follow Jesus.

This person checked yes and wrote out their story. Wow, just awesome.

5. The start of One Youth. We had our first official One Youth gathering this past Sunday night. And yes, it was AWESOME!!!! So stinking cool to have adults gather before hand and then to hang out with students. Students laughed, hung out, we talked about Jesus and then met in growth groups.

What a night!

God is good! Can’t wait for next Sunday!

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