What I loved about Thrive this past Sunday

IMG_4662This past Sunday at Thrive Church was a Sunday that will stick with me for a long time. I just loved it.

Why? Because Thrive is about helping people find and follow Jesus and I think we made great strides towards our mission.

I had been away from Thrive the previous two Sundays and it was so GREAT to be back! The energy, the new faces, the smiles, the singing, the cheering, the laughing, the decisions and the worship! Wow, what a GREAT Sunday!

What I loved…

1. Meeting new people. We had a ton of visitors on Sunday. 90% of them won’t be back. Why? Because they have church homes and many were relatives of people who were having their babies dedicated. But, it was awesome to see a lot of them look around curiously.

Because I know, that I KNOW that Thrive is a TON different than their church. And, that’s ok. Every Church is different and needs to be different to reach different people.

We just don’t ever want to be a church for churched people.

2. Dedicating Babies. It was a GIANT privilege to dedicate 4 babies and pray with their parents this past Sunday at Thrive! It was just awesome to meet many parents, grand parents and great parents of the babies being dedicated. Love that we’re a church that’s dedicated to being there for families!

3. The Warmth and Energy. I don’t know if I’m totally off on this one, or I feel so strongly about this because I’m the pastor, but I’m so proud of our team for making Thrive a very welcoming church. We’re probably too welcoming! You can’t get very far in the door without people smiling, shaking your hand or asking if you need help.

But, I would rather be over the top welcoming than people feeling like no cared.

4. The music. Again, I know I’m partial, but my goodness, I love the music! Matt Moore does a Terrific job and IMG_4657Thrive is blessed to have him! I can’t wait for what’s ahead!

5. The Message. Ok, now I am really partial…why? Because I gave the message! Hah. But, it was by far my most favorite I’ve given at Thrive. I taught from Romans 12:9-17 and that’s just one of my favorite passages of scripture!

My big idea was simple…

Selfless Love Bridges the Gap between Bigotry and Belief. 

I really feel passionately if Thrive Church gets this right, we make a GIGANTIC IMPACT in Central MI!

I am Extremely Excited about this Sunday at Thrive! We finish our ‘Bigotry vs Belief’ series, Thrive Kidz is going to be rocking and I have a…

Super Fun Announcement to make! 

See you this Sunday! 930am at Celebration Cinema!

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