My heart is still crazy full from yesterday.

It was by far one of the best days I’ve had this year, if not, the last couple of years.

Blessed, humbled, and honored are words that come to mind.

We had a fantastic morning at Thrive Church! It our was first baby dedication and we dedicated 4 beautiful babies! We dove into a great conversation in week two of our Bigotry vs Belief series and the music and worship were awesome!

Then, we had a birthday party for Bekah and Madie. Their birthdays were in February, but we had a party for them yesterday. Loved having family and friends over! I am just so honored that some family drove a few hours to get here. It was so much fun catching up with everyone and hanging out.

My highlight

My highlight was giving Bekah a book we’ve been working on for her. We asked tons of family and friends to write her a letter with advice and wisdom as she gets ready to enter high school. It’s amazing!

There are so many great stories in this book! So much great advice and so much wisdom! I can’t help but cry looking through it!

Then, we laid hands on her and prayed!

We laughed, shared stories, ate and had an amazing day!

Yes, yesterday was a giant highlight! 

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