Beyond Excited but I’m honestly I’m a tad bit Anxious

This Sunday  I have a tremendous privilege. images

Actually, every Sunday I have that privilege.

What’s the privilege you ask?

To teach God’s word.

I still can’t fathom, and sometimes I have a hard time processing the fact that God has given me this tremendous opportunity. It’s really amazing. I know there are a million more qualified men and women and I know there are much smarter and more faithful people out there.

But, for some reason, God keeps giving me the nod.

Honestly, after 18 years of teaching God’s word in local churches and at events around the country, I still to this today have a mixture of excitedness and anxiety.

Now, I know Jesus’ words about not worrying. And, I really do spend a lot of time in prayer asking for God’s help, His wisdom and for Him to speak through me.

But, wow, what an awesome responsibility. I hope I will not never take it for granted.

I just can’t wait for Sunday.


2 Thoughts

  1. I can hardly wait as well!!. God has truly opened up my “wandering” heart since attending Thrive for the first time about six weeks ago. I had a church that I was going to and something was missing there~~ not to put down the church but God placed it on my heart to look beyond it.

    The Thrive experience has opened up my heart to the reasons why I had dedicated my life to Jesus oh so many years ago. Thrive has been just the nudge I need to get back into the Word and soak up all that God has to offer me. Thank you.

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