What (they) loved about Thrive

I can’t even believe I’m saying this…let alone typing this…let alone…I actually did it.

But, I wasn’t at Thrive this past Sunday! 

I know, I know! Let me just say this. It killed me!

I was alway from Thrive two weeks in a row. But, for a very long time I’ve had a few speaking engagements scheduled and as hard as it was for me to not be there. I wasn’t at Thrive.

Here’s the deal…Thrive is not about me. It’s about helping people find and follow Jesus.

Thrive is unashamedly about Jesus.

So, as much as it killed me not to be there, I’m glad Thrive doesn’t need me to Thrive!

Because I wasn’t there, I asked some Thrivers what they loved about this past Sunday at Thrive…

What they loved…

From Breanne:

I love the friendly greeting at the door, I LOVE how my kids have an interest and excitement for church. I love listening to Matt lead worship and being apart of your message on practicing tolerance and accepting beliefs that are different than ours. I love that even though you were only available on a video stream you still had the audience laughing. I love being a part of a church whose mission is to connect with all people, including those who have walked with Jesus and those who have never connected with a church before. I love this church and am excited to see it continue to grow!!!

From Kim:

I learned that even though I don’t share the same beliefs as many people (ie; abortion) that instead of forming an opinion and spreading hate, that I should extend God’s word, forgiveness and love to be able to co-exist with these people. I also loved that from the minute you walk in the door until the moment you leave you will never feel as welcomed anywhere as you do there.

From Cathy:

Messages are relevant to today lifestyles and are biblical based. The other thing I notice is that requests are made known so people/individuals can step up to fill those request. Whether it be step up/take down, snacks, etc Personal contacts are made to parents to encourage them to help in kids area once a month…Thrive happens because of a commitment to Christ and it’s volunteers!

From Helena:

Thrive Kidz! My daughter’s been helping out in the nursery for the past couple of weeks and she really likes it! Plus, the kids got those sticky hands after Thrive Kidz and they were so excited!!!


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