Hey Thrive…3 Musts to know before Sunday

It’s Thursday and that means Sunday’s just around the corner. I am excited for Sunday! IMG_4613

I know, I know. I’m excited a lot! But, honestly, it’s who I am. I’m not faking. I’m not exaggerating. I wake up every day with an unbelievable thankfulness that God has allowed me to be a part of helping start and lead Thrive Church!

And, just a few days ago, I received this message in my Facebook inbox and it made my week!

I love the friendly greeting at the door, I LOVE how my kids have an interest and excitement for church. I love listening to Matt lead worship and being apart of your message on practicing tolerance and accepting beliefs that are different than ours. I love that even though you were only available on a video stream you still had the audience laughing. I love being a part of a church whose mission is to connect with all people, including those who have walked with Jesus and those who have never connected with a church before. I love this church and am excited to see it continue to grow!!!

Ok, that’s just humbling and awesome!!! So, if you’re a part of Thrive and consider Thrive your home church or you’ve been curious about checking us out, here are…

3 Musts to know before Sunday

Bigotry Vs Belief-S21. This Sunday is Ridiculously Important. I know I say every Sunday is important, because it is, but my goodness…this is a Sunday that is of GREAT importance! We are in week two of our Bigotry vs Belief series and I think if we get what we’re going to talk about right on Sunday, our little church will make a GIANT impact in Central MI for Jesus.

2. Baby Dedications. This Sunday is also Thrive’s first baby dedication! Woo Hoo!!! That is so awesome and it will be awesome to gather together as a church family and pray for the families and babies that we’re dedicating before God. Going to be awesome!

3. Engage. I think the best way to be a part of Thrive is to engage! How can you engage, here are a few ideas:

  • Invite a friend
  • Pick up said friend
  • Show up early, like around 930am
  • Hang out in the lobby
  • Talk to people
  • Meet new people
  • Let your little little kids jump on the bounce house
  • Check your kids into Thrive Kidz around 945
  • Head to theater one at 950
  • Sit down front. Come on people!! Hah
  • Laugh
  • Sing
  • Clap
  • Cheer
  • Make a decision
  • Be a part of a serving team
  • Join a growth group
  • Give financially
  • Pray for Thrive Church regularly

I can’t wait to see you on Sunday!

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