What you won’t find at Thrive Church

Every week I have conversations with people who ask me tons of questions about Thrive.IMG_4592

All kinds of questions. Questions like…

Why did you start this church? What makes it different than other churches? What should I expect if I check it out this Sunday? Are you a church that makes people stand up and dance? Why didn’t you name it with a more traditional name? Is the music loud? Are you the pastor? 

Let me start with an easy one…

What’s Thrive? 

Thrive is a non-denominational church that exists to help people find and follow God. 

 That’s it. We’re Simple, We’re Real and We’re Fun. We’re unashamedly about Jesus. We’re passionate about reaching people who have given up on church and God and we’re just as passionate about helping them follow Jesus.

Here are a few things you won’t experience if you come to Thrive

What you won’t find at Thrive…

1. A ‘Churchy’ atmosphere. First of all, we meet in a movie theater. There is no steeple, no church building, no donated bench out front and we don’t have flags from every nation. We meet in a very fun environment that’s full of energy, light and fun. The seats in the auditorium are amazing.

The music can be loud, but the next Sunday it can be softer. There are a lot of videos. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry and every single one is planned to help teach the big idea for the morning.

2. Suits and Ties. Sorry Justin Timberlake, but there really aren’t any suits and ties. You can totally wear a suit or ladies, you can wear a dress. But, for the most part, Thrive is really laid back. Jeans…T-Shirt…Sweatshirt…what you’re most comfortable in.

And, I made a vow that I will never wear a tie. We’ll see if that holds ups. But, I’m pretty sure it will.

3. A lack of Jesus. There will never be a Sunday when we don’t talk about Jesus, share Jesus, proclaim Jesus, point people to Jesus and brag about Jesus. Thrive is unashamedly all about Jesus. When people ask ‘what’s your church about?’, I hope people say…Jesus.

We’re about helping people find and follow Jesus. 

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