Belief vs Bigotry…A New Series at Thrive

We kick off a new series this Sunday at Thrive called ‘Bigotry vs Belief’. Bigotry Vs Belief-SlideWithLogo

I couldn’t be more excited!


Well, it’s a tough conversation! Honestly, I like to have tough conversations. Even when they’re not all that easy to have and this is an important to have.

I’m also excited because its a chance for Thrive Church to explore scripture and see how we can extend God’s love to the people around us!

Here are some questions we are going to be asking:

1. Are Christians Bigots for believing in Christ?

2. Can we have strong beliefs but still love those who disagree with us?

3. How do we bridge the gap between the two?

The official series description…

In a world where petty differences divide us, it’s hard enough to bridge the gap of disagreements with acceptance and love. Is Religion to be held responsible, in large part, for producing the hatred that our world sees? If culture is changing, does truth change with it? This series we will talk about how God’s love stands up in a culture of tolerance.

Can’t wait to see you on Sunday and I REALLY CANT WAIT for the great conversations that will happen at our Thrive Growth Groups!

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