What (they) Loved about Thrive this past Sunday

This past Sunday I wasn’t at Thrive Church! Thrive

It was really hard to be away! Excruciatingly hard! I was away for a good reason, I was asked to speak at SpringHill Camp for a middle school retreat. It was awesome! Such an honor and a blessing to be a part!

And, the really cool part of being away was…I didn’t worry at all about the Thrive experience.

We have an amazing group of leaders who are dedicated, who are servants and who came in prayed up and ready to go!

But, since I normally post a list of things I loved about my experience at Thrive, I asked some Thrivers if they would tell me some things they loved, so here goes!

What they loved about Thrive…

1. From Ryan…We loved the warmth that our friends were greeted with while visiting for the first time!23

2. From Sarah…I loved the smiles on the kids faces who tried out Thrive’s new bouncy house!!!

3. From Crystal…I loved how honest the guest speaker was about sin. We need to follow God’s word not what the world says.

4. From Katie…Hands down, the Thrivers stepping up to volunteer in Thrive Kidz! The fact that we have volunteers willing to share God’s love every Sunday is awesome!

5. From Kim…What an amazing series! The little spoof to start our service reminds me that we may not always know everything we need to know about relationships but to just keep our path straight, our hands on the wheel and follow God!

6. From Janis…I loved more than one thing:

Seeing friends
2 new babies
Sarah burkhart’s energy and smile, she also brought the bouncy house!
Big donuts!
The bass player

We would love to have you check out Thrive this Sunday! Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for awhile, maybe a friend has asked you, I think this Sunday would be a GREAT day to come and check it out.

See you at Celebration Cinema at 930am!

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