Thrive Church…3 Musts for this Sunday

It’s almost Sunday!!!! That means, I’m crazy excited for what’s to come!1175433_10152037511128455_1659779187_n

And…what is that?


If you’re a Thriver…someone who attends Thrive frequently, consistently or have thought about attending, here are some things to know about this Sunday at Thrive.

3 Musts for this Sunday

1. Know what Thrive is all about.

Thrive’s mission is to help people find and follow Jesus.

That’s it! We’re Simple, Real and Fun. Our vision is to create a church unchurched people will love to attend.  Those two books have greatly influenced my thinking and philosophy on how we reach people for Jesus and help grow into a fully devoted follower.

“It’s a shame that so many churches are married to a designed-by-Christians-for-Christians only culture. A culture in which they talk about the Great Commission, sing songs about the Great Commission, but refuse to reorganize their churches around the Great Commission”

~Andy Stanley, Deep and Wide

Wow, that’s right on!

People ask me all the time, what are some books that have helped shape the Thrive vision and mission.

Ok, obviously the Bible! Specifically Acts 2, Romans 12. Now that the ‘right’ answer is out of the way, hah, here are two books that have really helped shaped my thinking.

Deep and Wide by Andy Stanley

Sticky Church by Larry Osborne

If you want to get a deeper look into what makes Thrive tick, read these two books.

2. Belief vs Bigotry. Bigotry Vs Belief-S2

We start a new series at Thrive this Sunday! As sad as I am to see RPM come to close, I am crazy excited about this new series. We’re jumping into to the idea…

Are Christians Bigots for believing in Christ? Can we have strong beliefs but still love those who disagree with us? How do we bridge the gap between the two….

3. Be at Thrive!!

Listen, I know that we all very busy lives. We have kids sports, and work travel and family travel and kids get sick and so on and so on.

But, if none of those things are happening this Sunday, make it a priority to be at Thrive!

We need you there! Your presence is important and it’s huge for our community if we all make a HUGE effort to grow our Church together.

So, I can’t wait for Sunday!!



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