What if we took the Church seriously?

What would the world look like if we took Church seriously? 

Have you ever thought about that?

I mean, where would we be without the church? 

Have you ever thought about that?

So many hospitals and colleges were started because of the Church.

So much life and hope and peace have been infused into communities because of the Church.

So many people have been helped because of the Church.

But, what if you and I really took the Church seriously? 

I mean, we live in a world where Christians on the other side of the planet are being killed because of their involvement with the Church and the Gospel and on this side of the planet, seemingly anything can keep us from being a part of a church. Again, just my humble opinion and all these things have kept me away from it at times…

  • School
  • Kids Sports
  • Work
  • Sleep
  • Tiredness
  • And the list goes on and one

What if we gave the church even a small percentage of our time, our energy, our resources, our finances or our lives?

Would our life drastically improve?

Would God use us in ways that we never…ever imagined?

I think He would. Now, a little side bar. There is a very real enemy and he wants nothing more for you to NOT take Church seriously. And, I think the moment you decide to take a step towards taking Church seriously and drawing closer to God, he’s going to find ways to swart that!

But, so what?!? You have God on your side.

How can we take Church seriously?

1. Stop criticizing the ‘church’. That’s a good place to start. I, like many other people, have been hurt in the past because of my involvement with the Church. I have heard every story, and experienced a ton of really bad stuff. But, that wasn’t the churches fault. People can do really stupid and hurtful things at times and we can’t let that stop us from being a part of the Church.

So many of us have become so good at being so negative about everything the church has to offer. Why don’t we just stop? What do you say? Let’s just give the negativity a furlough. Just for a short time. Please?

I mean, the Church, in it’s purest form, is the hope of the world! Right?!? The Church is where people hear the gospel, and experience it lived out.

2. Study Church history. I love history and I love church history. Probably one of the only Bible College classes I really enjoyed!

Jesus died, he rose again and then before He left planet earth, he established the church. That’s how important it is. And, I think it’s important enough to know the history of it and learn from the past.

Study the book of Acts. Read a book or two on church history.

3. Invest in your local Church. It’s funny, but over the years I have listened to a lot of people complain about certain things at the churches I have served. Here are some actual things I have heard…

  • The drum set is of the devil
  • You can’t wear a hat in the sanctuary
  • The music is too loud
  • Jesus doesn’t love people who wear jeans to church

What if instead of investing negativity, we invest a portion of our lives. The positive part.

Give of your time. Show up. Be there. Model Jesus. Reach out. Extend compassion. Bring unity. Smile.

Now, we all know that church isn’t about a building or a service. But, a gathering is an important part of a church. Are you at your gathering or service or experience or whatever you call it?

Why aren’t you? Why is it so easy for us to skip that but say yes to seemingly everything else?

I think a huge step in taking the church seriously is investing in your local church.

4. Pray for the Church. Are you praying regularly for your church and the Church? Why not?

Pray everyday for unity, for compassion, for the gospel to preached, for the lost to be found, for hope to be revealed, and for new life.

Seek God and humbly ask Him to bless your church and the churches in your area and around the world.

5. Be the Church when you’re not at your church. Ever noticed how sometimes we’re really good at being someone were not when we’re at church? We pretend we have it all together. We pretend everything is just fine. We make sure everything looks good on the outside. Right clothes, right car, right words.

That’s not going to help anything. If you can’t be yourself at church, then you have a problem.

Be the Church. Be Jesus. Show the world who He is by the way you live your life.

I guarantee if we took the church seriously and invested even 2% of our time, our resources, our finances, our prayer and our passion in it…we would see…

Amazing life change in our lives and the lives of people in our communities.

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