Hey Thrive…3 Musts for this Sunday

I can’t wait for this Sunday! Eblast Header-Converse


Well…how about…

We have the privilege to gather together.

We have the blessing of meeting new people. 

We have the amazing opportunity to learn something new about our relationship with Jesus. 

How about those for starters?

So, here are 3 Musts to know about Sunday at Thrive

1. We finish our RPM series! I know, I know!  I just shed a tear. I don’t know about you, but I have LOVED this series! It’s been powerful to dive into scripture and see what God has for our relationships. Don’t miss this Sunday!

We conclude this series by taking a look at how we can have God honoring relationships.

2. Show up early. Again, I know! I’m such a pain. But…come on! It’s the best way to meet new people and get to know the people you already know at Thrive. Because we meet in a movie theater, things are a little hectic when we finish. We’re tearing down, we’re packing up, people are coming to the movies!

If you come early, you can grab a cup of Bigby’s and relax. You can get your kids checked in to Thrive Kidz early and then head to Theater One.

OH…about heading the Theater ONE.

Can you be in there by 9:55?

Seriously, that would really help. We don’t want you to miss any of the experience, especially the kick butt music we have planned for this Sunday!

3. Bring someone. Every Sunday is a GREAT Sunday to bring a friend to church. This Sunday is an off the charts fantastic Sunday to bring someone.

Everyday, ask God who He’s putting on your heart to invite. Make a list of those people and start inviting them.

Share Thrive Church MI’s Facebook status. Private message them. Text them. Call them. Give them a card.

Whatever it takes. 

It could be the Sunday something clicks and they place their faith and trust in Jesus.

Can’t wait for our community to be together! It’s going to be an awesome Sunday! See you then!


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