Stuff I can’t fathom…

I’m a simple guy. I didn’t excel academically in school. Not middle school, not high school and definitely not college. Although, I am an MBA drop out and while in the program I carried a A-! My only academic claim to fame! Hah!simple-is-beautiful

But, I just don’t get wrapped up in too many philosophical debates about things that are way too intelligent for me to comprehend.

Now, I do think about a few things frequently and some of them fall into the category of…

Stuff I can’t fathom

Here are a few of the things I can’t fathom…

1. Why people unfriend each other and unlike things on Facebook. 

It’s kind of hilarious to me. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve thought about pressing the delete button on Facebook a thousand times. And, I’ve thought about deleting a few thousand friends. But, in the end…why? If you’re at a point were you’re frustrated and upset about what people do or say on Facebook…

Maybe you take it too seriously?

2. Why more people won’t contend that Hootie & the Blowfish the greatest rock band of all time!

Probably my biggest head scratcher! Hah. I really do like them, maybe I should be embarrassed?!?

3. Why more churches don’t support church planting.

I mean I get it. Many churches, in my humble opinion, are very INWARD focused and the idea of starting something new is contrary to that core value. Now, maybe they don’t realize they’re inward focused, but the Local Church is the Hope of the Word! Don’t we need more?

Here’s what Tim Keller says about that.

If you’re at a church that doesn’t support church planting, I think you need to ask the leadership why! Study and study, statistic after statistic shows that starting new churches is one of the best, if not the best way to reach people for Jesus.

4. Why more people don’t give financially to churches.

Ok, let me preface this by saying…why more fully devoted followers of Jesus don’t take the call to give very seriously. It just blows me away. And, I can’t fathom it when they get offended that the church asks for them to give. Why would we not want to give back to God through the local church? Especially if we believe it’s the hope of the world?

I can’t even imagine the ministry that could be done and started if even half of fully devoted followers surrounded even a small percentage of their income to God. Even 2% or 5%?

I know our families financial picture changed drastically when we made the commitment to give 10% and our goal as a family is to increase that year after year by 1%. To be honest, we struggled for years. We gave, but it wasn’t consistent and it wasn’t a percent. We just gave something. It wasn’t until we really started giving what we believe is the biblical call that we started to see God move in our lives in way that is just unimaginable! More on that later.

I love what Perry Noble says about it…“God doesn’t want something from you, He wants something FOR you”. I love that.

5. Why people actually run away from community.

This is probably more of an annoyance than a ‘stuff I can’t fathom’. I just can’t for the life of me figure out why people run away from doing life together.

Ok, I know how silly that sounds. I know why!?! I’m not stupid.

They don’t because it’s hard! It’s a commitment! It’s inconvenient at times. It takes time. 

Oh, I love when men whine and complain about it! Men weren’t created to sit around and talk.

That’s crap!

Grow up men! Scripture is clear that living together, in community…giving and receiving, praying and being prayed for…is the best way to do life!

6. Why when life gets tough we run the opposite way from what will help.

I’ve seen this in my life, time and time again! Life gets tough, the bottom falls out and BAM…I run the opposite direction of God…family…friends.

I stop reading the Bible. I stop talking to God. I stop talking to my wife. I stop talking to my friends.

Again, I get it. I’ve been there. But, what if when life’s bottom fell out we immediately turned to God? What if we ran towards him and not away?

I wonder if we would experience so many valley’s and droughts in our lives?

I think I may have more on my ‘stuff I can’t fathom’ list, but I’m going to end there.

2 Thoughts

  1. You know Jason, I have been attending Thrive for about a month, I am sad that I cannot be there on Sunday but I will be taking care of a very special little 19 month old girl (one of my granddaughters ) while my son, his wife and the two older kids head to Chicago to go to the Lego Store for the boys and lunch at the American Girl store for the girls.

    As I read your blog posts, I find myself shaking my head in agreement and relating to them on a very real level that pierces my spirit and convicts my soul. I really love going to church again! My love for Jesus has been reignited!! Worship has been overwhelmingly raw and has been a true testament of feeling and meeting the Holy Spirit through praise and worship. I was a member of a church in the community and I am not sure why God led me through testing out various churches until He led me to Thrive.

    I thank you and the whole team and as I settle into becoming a regular attendee, I would like to become more involved. Thank you so much! You have also given me a renewed resolve to start writing on my own blog again and sharing the Lord’s love, spirit and Word again.

    1. My goodness! First of all, thank you for reading and thank you for your kind comment! Second, thanks for your thoughts on Thrive and your journey! So exciting to hear! Know I’m honored you’ve been coming and we’ll miss you on Sunday. BUT…what a GREAT reason to miss! Know I’m praying for you!

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