What I loved about yesterday at Thrive Church

It’s Monday. My head is still spinning from yesterday. I’m a little tired to be honest. It was a big weekend and yesterday I had a rough back day. IMG_4364

I’m learning, some days are great and some days are not so great. Despite which way the back feels, I’m learning and have learned for years and years how to push through the pain.

So, I’m thanking God daily for the healing He has done and will continue to do! I’m so expectant and I can’t wait for the warmth. I can’t wait for family walks. I can’t wait to hang out down by the water with my kids. I can’t wait to play catch with my boys.

I can’t wait.

But, here we are, February 17, 2014 and it’s the day after Sunday. I know that’s how it works. Monday’s always follow Sunday’s.

I just wish I could slow down Sunday’s.

I so desperately want more time on Sunday’s! More time to talk. More time to be with other Thrivers. More time to hear more stories. More time for Thrivers to build community. More time to worship.

I love what God is doing in our community. I love seeing Him move. I love being a part of my church and I pinch myself everyday when I think of the tremendous privilege and honor I have to be the pastor.

I am truly humbled. 

Each week I write this blog post…’What I love loved about yesterday at Thrive’. To be honest, I really love writing this blog post. I love to reflect and to look back on the day before and remember what God did in our church and in our lives.

So, here’s what I loved about Thrive 

1. Even in the midst of pain. We have some Thrivers who are hurting…relationally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. I can relate! But, even in the midst of pain, we have a dedicated group of leaders who show up week after week and humbly serve.

2. Students helping lead a Church! Yeah, this is a TRUE story! I wrote a blog post about 2 of our student leaders yesterday and I’m still blown away by their dedication, commitment and hearts to serve.

I am just literally blown away as I think about how hard they serve, how they never complain, how much they give and what a terrific example they are to our community!

3. “I just love our Church”! I was standing in the hallway after Church yesterday and a woman who had been attending for about a month or so came up to me and just gave me the biggest hug ever. As she did, she said…”I just love our church”!

Do you have any idea what that means to me? I don’t think people really do. I think maybe they can comprehend it. But, when you start a church from scratch and you develop the culture and the dna and you pray and pray for God to bless your church and help you reach a place of sustainability, for someone to be in love with the church…

That’s just humbling and awesome and a blessing! 

4. We had an honest conversation about Sex. Yesterday at Thrive we had a very open, honest and for some, somewhat difficult conversation about sex. Why did we talk about sex? Because God has a lot to say about it and our society is influencing our views on sex way too much.

So, I challenged people to honor God by making sex sacred and between a husband and a wife.

5. The One Youth SpringHill Winter Retreat! We sent 23 kids and 4 leaders to SpringHill Camp for a winter One Youth Group Picture 2014retreat!

And, we could have sent more! We had other students at Thrive who just couldn’t go.

I so believe in retreats and sending students on them and I was blown away that as a 5 month old church we were able to send a group on a retreat!

The only reason we could was because of the extreme generosity of Thrivers and the amazing hearts of the 4 adults who went on the weekend with our students.

It’s Monday. I was tired, but after writing this blog post, I’m not tired anymore.

I’m energized. I’m excited. I’m expectant.

God is on the move. He’s bringing Hope. He’s changing lives.

And, I am so humbled to play an iddy biddy part!

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