Can Students help Lead a Church?

So, today at Thrive Church I witnessed something amazing.

Now, let me preface that by saying, most Sundays I have an extraordinary seat to witness some amazing things.

I hear all kind of incredibly cool ‘God’ stories every Sunday. I have the privilege of listening and hearing all kinds of stories week in and week out.

But, today was special. Not because of a story I heard or something someone told me, but because of what I witnessed.

What did I witness? 

I was able to experience students helping lead a church. 


Today, our production was primarily set up and run by two high school seniors. Actually, they are there every single week. And not just ‘there’.

They show up way early and stay way late.

They unload the trailer. Set up. Run the production. Tear down. Re-load the trailer. EVERY WEEK!

They have been mentored and discipled by an amazing man, Jim Burkhart. Jim’s poured into them and he’s showed our church how to replicate and disciple. It’s just truly awesome!

Oh, our sound guy this morning turned 18 today! He came in at 7am! Man, his dedication puts some adults dedication to shame!

So, yes, students can and should help lead a church. 

And, at Thrive Church, it will always be a priority to invest and pour into students and release them to lead.


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