Hey Thrive…3 Musts for this Sunday at Thrive

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Sunday’s coming! 

That’s right! I don’t know about you, but I can’t WAIT!!!!

Why?!? Because it is one of my constant highlights from the week!

1. Spending time with my family is always a highlight!

2. Spending time with my Thrive family on Sundays is always a highlight!

3. Spending time with my Thrive Growth Group is always a highlight!

Yes, I am blessed! How do people do life without relationships, without community and without a

Church family?

Ok, here are some things to know about this Sunday at Thrive.

3 Musts

1. Be at Thrive. Yes, I am asking you to be at Church this Sunday! If you are traveling and can’t be there, obviously, no worries. Have a GREAT Trip! But, if you’re flipping a coin or washing your hair…come on! Be at Thrive! God could have something HUGE for you.

Let me just say this. Being apart of Thrive is not just about going to church on Sunday! The church is not a building and it is not a service. It is about coming together weekly and then dispersing across all Central MI and being Jesus to everyone we come into contact with!

2. We are talking about Sex. Yes we are! And, that’s great! Society has its own definition of Sex and Sexual boudaries and practices. God has His as well and we need to know them. Why? Because they act as guardrails to protect us!

So, be there!

Don’t miss!

3. Be praying for our students. We are sending a great group of students and adults to SpringHill Camp. Yes, that’s right. Our students will be able to experience one of the GREATEST camps in the country! They will spend time with adults who will listen to them and hang out. They will have incredible amounts of fun. They will be immersed into God’s word and they will be pointed to Jesus.

One of Thrive’s values is to never give our students or kids ministry the scraps or left overs. That’s why we’re surprising our students with a HUGE gift before they leave on the retreat and that’s why we’re launching a student ministry in a few weeks called…One Youth! One Youth Profile

It’s going to be a GREAT weekend! Can’t wait to see you!

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