What I loved about Thrive Church this past Sunday…

Yes, another post about about what I loved about another Sunday at ThriveIMG_4264

I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself. Why? Because I just love my church. YES…I LOVE MY CHURCH.

I love the ‘CHURCH’ and I wake up every morning so incredibly thankful that God’s given me an opportunity to launch and help build a local church!

It’s an amazing honor and one that I take very seriously. Why? Because I believe with all of my being that…

The Local Church is the Hope of the World.

So, here’s what I loved about this past Sunday at Thrive…

1. The Spark. We’ve had a lot of great bands come through Thrive! Amazingly talented musicians! But, I just love the Spark! Holy Cow. Their hearts are amazing and not only are they so crazy talented, they just serve.

I found myself thinking through our experience this past Sunday…”I’m just bummed for the people who couldn’t make it”!

2. “I’ve never been to a Church where I wanted it to keep going”. Come on?!? How exciting is that? And, that was from a guy who grew Catholic (no offense to my catholic friends) but he told me church was crazy boring to him and every time he would go to church, he looked at his phone the entire time. He said he was excited to come back next week!

3. “I want to help launch One Youth”! I talked with multiple adults who said they wanted to help launch and be One Youth Profileapart of Thrive’s student ministry…One Youth! That is so exciting!!!

One of Thrive’s values is to invest like crazy into the next generation. We will never give our students the church scraps and left overs.

I believe with all my being that churches need to invest like crazy into students and this value will be a HUGE passion of mine as the leader of the church!

4. Reading the Connect Cards. One of my favorite and most sacred parts of the week are reading through the connect cards people fill out on Sunday!

On one hand, my heart is heavy as I read through and pray over the prayer requests. 

On the hand, my heart leaps because every week there are boxes checked that people trusted in Jesus as their savior and recommitted their lives to Him! 

That’s just amazingly awesome!

I am beyond excited and expectant for this Sunday at Thrive. We continue our RPM series and I’m talking about Sex. It’s going to be awesome! Here we go!

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