What I loved about last Sunday at Thrive

Every week I try to write a blog post about my experience from the previous Sunday at Thrive.IMG_4220

It doesn’t happen every week, but I’m trying! I’m working hard to do this because I really want to keep an online journal of our entire Church Planting experience!

And, I write this because I just love my church. I really do.

Since 1995, I have served at local churches, but I can honestly say in all that time, I have never had this much fun and have never been in love with my church as much as I am now!

Ok, let me start with this…

This past Sunday was tough!

Not because of the cold, not because of the snow, not because of a lack of volunteers or people…none of that.

Because my back hurt. Yikes, I woke up with some major pain. But, nothing, NOTHING, was keeping me from being at Thrive! So, I fought through it and it was an absolutely fantastic Sunday at Thrive!

What I loved…

1. John Tibbs was at Thrive!

2. We started a new series called RPM (Relationships, Passion, Marriage).

3. My friend Zach and his wife Sarah prayed for me after Thrive.

4. We had people give their lives to Jesus!

5. We had people give extra funds so teenagers could go to SpringHill for a winter retreat!

All in all, it was a Spectacular Sunday at Thrive!

I so hope you will be at Thrive this Sunday!

One thought on “What I loved about last Sunday at Thrive

  1. I started attending Thrive Church about 3 weeks ago~~ I am a believer and committed my life to Jesus a few hundred years ago (okay maybe not that long ago… ) but I have always had a heart for Jesus and now that I am a “mature” Christian I have been very sensitive to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit prompting me on various aspects of my life and my service to others. I have belonged to one church for quite awhile, but was looking for something or some church where the Holy Spirit was to lead me to. I was asked to come to Thrive Church with a friend of mine, and I am so happy I accepted her invitation! I love Thrive!! During worship I feel the Holy Spirit welling up in me and as that happens I know that I am right where I am suppose to be. As I become more comfortable I hope to volunteer as I can to become more involved. Be blessed because I know that you and Thrive Church are truly a blessing in my life!

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