Belief vs Bigotry…A New Series at Thrive

We kick off a new series this Sunday at Thrive called 'Bigotry vs Belief'.  I couldn't be more excited! Why? Well, it's a tough conversation! Honestly, I like to have tough conversations. Even when they're not all that easy to have and this is an important to have. I'm also excited because its a chance... Continue Reading →


Thrive Church…3 Musts for this Sunday

It's almost Sunday!!!! That means, I'm crazy excited for what's to come! And...what is that? Sunday!!!!! If you're a Thriver...someone who attends Thrive frequently, consistently or have thought about attending, here are some things to know about this Sunday at Thrive. 3 Musts for this Sunday 1. Know what Thrive is all about. Thrive's mission... Continue Reading →

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